Download FIGURE 2: 18-month old Iraqi child suffering from birth defects from radiological effects of depleted uranium, pg. 6 (Photo: URUKNET)
Download FIGURE 3: UF6 Phase Diagram, pg. 6 (Source: U.S. Department of Energy)
Download FIGURE 5: Support for Military Operation, pg. 10
Download FIGURE 6: Victim of chemical warfare during the Iran-Iraq War, pg. 11 (Photo:
Download FIGURE 7: Weaponization Chart, pg. 12
Download TABLE 1: Projected chemical and radiological releases at Iran’s four major nuclear facilities, pg. 14
Download TABLE 2: Amount of fissile material needed to build a nuclear bomb, pg. 15 (Source: Fact sheet, Union of Concerned Scientists, April 2004)
Download FIGURE 8: Iran nuclear timeline, pg. 16 (U.S. estimates based on 2007 National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs) produced for the director of National Intelligence)
Download FIGURE 9: Fallout from nuclear attack on Natanz and Isfahan, pg. 17 (Source: “Global Research Fact Sheet,” Physicians for Social Responsibility, 21 June 2008)
Download FIGURE 10: Chernobyl Disaster, pg. 18 (Photo:
Download FIGURE 11: Pripyat, pg. 18  (Photo: Tricon Films & Television Inc)
Download FIGURE 12: Isfahan in 2006, pg. 18 (Photo: Younes Kolahdouz)
Download FIGURE 13: Radioactive Fallout Map, pg. 19 (Source: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
Download FIGURE 14: Blankets cover quake victims in Bam, pg. 20 (Photo: Reuters)
Download FIGURE 15: Slight retraction of the body to the right side due to the fibrotic chest graft in November 1997, pg. 22 (Photo: IAEA)
Download FIGURE 16: Necrosis of the epidermis on Day 15, pg. 22 (Photo: IAEA)
Download FIGURE 17: Moist desquamation on the left palm, pg. 22 (Photo: IAEA)
Download FIGURE 18: Thermography of the chest and right elbow on Day 28, pg. 23 (Photo: IAEA)
Download FIGURE 19: Thermography of the chest and right elbow on Day 28, pg. 23 (Photo: IAEA)
Download FIGURE 20: Aerial view of a neighborhood in Bushehr, pg. 23 (Photo: Wikipedia)
Download FIGURE 21: Isfahan nuclear facility, pg. 25 (Photo: Associated Press)
Download FIGURE 22: Victimsof the Bhopal disaster, pg. 26 (Photo:
Download FIGURE 23: City limits of Isfahan– Distance to city: 9.3 miles (15 km), pg. 26 (Source: Google)
Download TABLE 3: Prevailing Winds in Isfahan, pg. 26 (Source: Isfahan Meteorological Office)
Download FIGURE 24: Possible plume travel scenarios towards Isfahan, pg. 27
Download FIGURE 25: Isfahan municipality’s districts, pg. 27
Download TABLE 4: Isfahan District Population, pg. 28 (Source: Statistical Center of Iran, Population and Housing Census of 2006)
Download FIGURE 26: Major basins in Iran, pg. 30 (Source: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)
Download FIGURE 27: Masjid-i Shah, pg. 30 (Photo:
Download FIGURE 28: Aerial view of the Natanz facility, pg. 31 (Source: AP/GeoEye Satellite Image)
Download TABLE 5: Prevailing Winds in Natanz, pg. 31 (Souce: Fourth National Iranian Forum of Energy, 2002)
Download FIGURE 29: Map of Natanz, pg. 31 (Source: Parsi Times)
Download FIGURE 30: Distance to Natanz: 17.4 miles (28 km); Distance to Kashan 21.7 miles (35 km), p. 32 (Source: Wikimapia, TerraMetrics)
Download FIGURE 31: Possible plume travel scenarios, Natanz, pg. 33 (Source: Google)
Download FIGURE 32: Arak nuclear facility, pg. 35 (Photo: Reuters)
Download TABLE 6: Prevailing Winds in Arak, pg. 35 (Source: Arak Government)
Download FIGURE 33: Possible toxic release scenario, Arak, pg. 35 (Source: Wikimapia, TerraMetrics)
Download FIGURE 34: Arak heavy water plant, Distance to Arak: 31 miles (50 km), pg. 36 (Source: Wikimapia, TerraMetrics)
Download FIGURE 35: Bushehr power plant, pg. 37 (Photo: Associated Press)
Download FIGURE 36: Bushehr, pg. 37 (Source:
Download FIGURE 37: Bushehr nuclear power plant, Distance to Bushehr: 6.2 miles (10 km), pg. 38 (Source: Wikimapia, TerraMetrics)
Download TABLE 7: Prevailing Winds in Bushehr, pg. 38 (Source: I.R. of Iran Meteorological Organization)
Download FIGURE 38: Direction of prevailing wind in the vicinity of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, pg. 39 (Source: Wikimapia, TerraMetrics)
Download FIGURE 39: Chernobyl victims after thyroid cancer surgery, pg. 41 (Photo: Gerd Ludwig, National Geographic)
Download FIGURE 40: Victim of chemical warfare during the Iran-Iraq War, pg. 42 (Photo:
Download FIGURE 41: September 11th rescue and recovery worker suffering from respiratory ailments, pg. 43 (Photo: Time Magazine)
Download TABLE 8: Civil Defense Capabilities (Note: Based on best available estimates and data), pg. 44
Download FIGURE 42: Osirak, pg. 46 (Photo: Agence France-Presse)
Download TABLE 9: Gaussian Plume Calculations for Military Strikes on Iranian Nuclear Infrastructure, pg. 53
Download FIGURE 43: Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan and his son, pg. 60 (Photo: Associated Press/Getty Images)